Welcome to Amelia Rise Donkeys at Hee Haw Farm, Terip Terip. Victoria
Amelia Rise Donkeys AND HEE HAW HUT 
Amelia Rise is situated in the rural district of Terip Terip in Central Victoria, 1 hour and 40 minutes north north east of Melbourne.

Every one of our donkeys are our pets. They are handled, brushed, loved and cared for on a daily basis.

All our donkeys are sold registered with DABSA (Donkey All Breeds Association) or with the ADMS (American Donkey and Mule Society)
Amelia Rise Donkeys is a small stud run by retired couple John and Deb who fell in love with donkeys a number of years ago when they purchased 2 Irish jennies.
We now have Eugene  who is our Australian Silky Terrier who is now a very big part of the family.
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Deb and Friends
John and a Mate
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The Other Side to Hee Haw Farm
In response to many requests and suggestions, we have added a cosy cabin and now provide BnB accommodation for couples.
This has proven to be very popular and guests have been able to enjoy total peace and tranquility in a bushland setting, with panoramic views across the Central Victorian Highlands, as well as being able to interact with the donkeys or wander all over the property for those wanting to explore.
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Hee Haw Hut
Amelia Rise Donkeys' name was derived from Amelia, our pet Australian Silky Terrier dog whom we had for 13 years.

Our previous two properties were also named after her. She was a much adored member of our family.
Over time our donkey family has increased from 2 jennies, to 10 breeding jennies and one Jack. Periodically we have rescue or relinquished donkeys which can increase our numbers.

At stud is our home bred Micro Miniature Jack - Amelia Rise Talledaga.

During foaling season, we have an assortment of beautiful babies.
In the past few years our focus has largely changed to more Educating the public on donkeys, their physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs, along with the positive uses for them, like therapy work, pets, showing/joining the Donkey Societies, walking/ trekking, general health and well being.

Along with the above we take in rescued, relenquished and donkeys for rehoming.
Amelia Rise Donkeys at Hee Haw Farm is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, so as give a hands on experienced to all people in the pleasure of donkeys.

In a tour meeting the donkeys, our visitors get a little background knowledge on the history of the donkey, types, sizes, and uses etc.
They learn a bit about the donkeys' requirements with regards to diet, socialisation, company, and their health needs, their lifespan and approximate cost of long term care.

Information is available from our office at Hee Haw Farm on Donkey Societies. Literature on donkeys and resources is available.
Leroy is our long haired Chihuahua.
A real character and a bundle of energy.
The savage cattle dog!!!!!!!
RIP Sweetie
Rueben is a long haired Chihuahua pup who has joined the other two.
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