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Our primary aim is to create a top quality, small, stocky, donkey with correct conformation, relaxed personality and varied colours.
These donkeys can be Woolly, Irish, or American Miniature Mediterranean and range in size from 30" to 36".

Amelia Rise Donkeys

Our goal as breeders is to promote and breed, healthy, happy donkeys, true to type with good confirmation, and lovely temperaments.
Our Goal
Our Breeding Program
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Example of a Micro donkey - 30" and under.
We subscribe to the DABSA and ADMS Code of Ethics for all our breeding and donkey care activities.
An example of a Miniature Meditarranean donkey. 31" - 36": at the wither.
Our goal is to breed top quality, correctly conformed, healthy Micro Miniature donkeys, ranging from 28" to 30" at maturity.

A Micro Miniature donkey is not recognised as a class breed, but is a size definition of a developing group of donkeys that are no larger than 30" to the wither.

Our micro miniature Jack is Amelia Rise Talledaga, predominantly sorrel in colour and tiny at 27" at the wither.
His sire is Joy's Rock of Jasper 30", and dam Clovercrest Allegra, 29".
Amelia Rise Talledaga 27-1/2"
Micro Miniature Mediterranean Jack
Totally laid back natures are the norm
Example of a woolly donkey with the typical longer coat - Amelia Rise Gorky's Maggie
We also have a new aspect added into our donkeys here at Amelia Rise - a Large Gelding!
In addition to our breeding program we now have a 50% American Mammoth donkey - Tex, who is broken in to saddle for riding. Tex stands 54" at the wither and seems HUGE when alongside our miniature donkeys.
Wendanjo Tex