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Amelia Rise Donkeys

Over time our donkey family has increased from 2 jennies, to presently 9 breeding jennies.

At stud is our exotic woolly jack, MGF Gorky Park (Imp USA). Our up and coming Micro Miniature jack is Grawood Personality L (Livingstone).

During foaling season, we have an assortment of beautiful babies.

Amelia Rise is situated in the rural town of Yea in Central Victoria, 1 hour and 15 minutes north north east of Melbourne.

We do not show our donkeys, however that doesn't mean that if a donkey is suitable it couldn't be shown. This is the personal choice of an owner.

All our donkeys are sold registered with DABSA (Donkey All Breeds Association) or with the ADMS (American Donkey and Mule Society)

Every one of our donkeys are our pets. They are handled, brushed, cared for, and loved on a daily basis.
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The savage cattle dog!!!!!!!
Not happy Jan!!!!!!!!
Oooooohh - What an Ass!!!
aka Mrs Mouse
Amelia Rise Donkeys is a small stud run as a hobby by retired couple John and Deb who fell in love with donkeys a number of years ago when they purchased 2 Irish jennies.
The property is also home to Amelia our much loved 8 year old silky terrier (after whom our last 2 rural properties have been named), and Poppi and Teddy (Aka Trevor), our 2 rescue dogs.

We also have a new arrival in the form of Elliott - a male Burmese kitten who is very cute and full of life. He has grown into a lovely cat but does prefer the hay barn and stables to the house since the arrival of Rarni.
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Trevor - Mr Lack of Personality!
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Elliott - Guardian of the hay barn and stables

Tilly has now grown too big to fit through the dog door and get into the house. She now has time with the other sheep in the paddock but comes rushing up to the fence to be let out of the paddock and to wander the front lawn. Tilly is very confused as to whether she is a sheep or a dog after the week indoors with our 3 dogs. She follows Deb over to the donkey stables and is very fond of both the wattle tree and most of the plants in the garden.
The Suffolk flock
She seems to be fitting in well. Unfortunately Elliott, the cat, took one look at here and departed to the hay barn. He is slowly coming around but only visits the house at night when he thinks the big black dog is asleep.
Recently we welcomed yet another new member to our family - a 15 month old female Rotweiller. Marley was being re-homed, timid to change, and had never seen a donkey before.